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Paige McCully

Recruitment Consultant

I entered the Recruitment industry in 2022 with a strong background in targeted customer service, I am dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients and candidates. I firmly believe that exceptional customer service is pivotal in fostering enduring relationships between agency staff and employers. My primary focus is on aligning the right candidates with the right clients, ensuring mutual satisfaction and success.

I recognise the significance of finding the perfect fit and am committed to surpassing expectations to make it a reality. Whether you are a job seeker seeking your next career opportunity or an employer in need of a reliable recruitment agency in Kent, I am here to deliver outstanding service. I take immense pride in my ability to deliver results and surpass expectations.

With my experience in the recruitment industry and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, I am confident in my ability to assist you in achieving your goals. Let’s connect and collaborate to elevate your recruitment experience to new heights

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Martin Hobbs

Operations Manager

For over two decades, I have been deeply entrenched in the dynamic world of the Recruitment Industry in Kent, thriving in various roles. As a results-driven Manager, my foremost objective is not just meeting but surpassing all our clients’ needs and requirements.

My steadfast dedication and exceptional work ethic have garnered immense respect within the industry and among our valued clients, many of whom have remained with me for years, a testament to the enduring relationships I have cultivated.

I oversee daily operations, client management, and the exhilarating task of acquiring and retaining new business. Additionally, I efficiently manage a team of multi-drop delivery drivers in collaboration with a national parcel carrier. I firmly believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and delivering results that leave a lasting impact.

If you seek a seasoned professional well-versed in the intricacies of the Recruitment Industry and capable of delivering outstanding results, let’s connect and explore how we can achieve remarkable success together.

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Paul Connelly

Managing Director

With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional talent solutions, I bring over two decades of experience in the Recruitment industry both in London and Kent, establishing myself as a trusted partner for businesses in need of temporary, contract, interim, and permanent staff. Building solid relationships forms the cornerstone of my success. I take pride in offering unparalleled customer service and leveraging my extensive knowledge of the recruitment landscape.

Whether it’s sourcing top-notch professionals or providing strategic guidance, I consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations. My journey is marked by enduring partnerships with numerous clients who have relied on my expertise for years. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness the growth and success of these collaborations, fostering an environment of excellence where every client receives nothing short of exceptional service.

Through my dedication to client satisfaction and staying at the forefront of industry trends, I have consistently achieved outstanding outcomes. Whether it’s finding the perfect fit for a critical role or guiding businesses toward a more agile workforce, I thrive on helping companies unlock their full potential.

01795 501801
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